Honor/Memorial Policy


The Plantation Community Foundation often receives donations to honor the passing of members and friends that were members of the Foundation.  These donations are documented, recognition letters are sent and the funds are deposited in the Honor Memorial Fund.  These funds are then used for Grant awards made during the annual grant process.


In March, the existing funds in the Honor Memorial are designated an Honor Memorial Grant and are made to honor all those members who have recently passed.


When the donations received to honor a single individual are more than $1,000, it is appropriate to award a single grant in their name.  Selection of the grant recipient is done by the Grant Committee Chair working closely with the family members to select the most appropriate charity. 


Impact Grant


      The PCF was able to award 2 Community Impact Grants in 2019.

      $26,000 was awarded to InStride Therapy to start a new therapeutic program for veterans suffering from PTSD and related conditions.     

     $48,000 was awarded to the Senior Friendship Center in Venice to fully upgrade two of their client lavatories.   

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