Grant Guidelines

PLEASE REMEMBER....The deadline for Grant Submission is November 30.  There must be TWO copies of your grant request mailed or hand delivered, no electronic submissions are allowed.


The Plantation Community Foundation, Inc. is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of South Sarasota County residents by supporting organizations in social services, healthcare, educational, environmental, and cultural activities.


Operating in accordance with the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, the Foundation is funded through contributions and activities designed to accomplish the dual purposes of fund-raising and developing teamwork and a sense of community and mission among its members.





The Plantation Community Foundation, Inc. gives grants for capital or other specific expenditures to 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations.  Grants are issued on a selective basis and may be made on matching funds. 


It is the policy of the Foundation to make grants to organizations addressing issues within the boundaries of the geographic area from Osprey south to the Sarasota/ Charlotte County line and in the east/west direction from the Gulf of Mexico to the general area of Interstate 75.


Causes endorsed by the Foundation:

  • Community Social Services:  Adult, Elderly and Youth
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Health


The organization must have a non-discriminatory policy regarding race, religion and national origin and must so state in its promotional literature.





Administrative expenses and general operating expenses are not eligible for consideration. Grant requests should be for tangible items or operating expenses that relate directly to services provided to the clients of said agency. 


Agencies which are founded and run by religious denominations must seek and be available to clients of all beliefs.  A significant number of their clients must be from different religious denominations; proof of such must be demonstrated to the reviewer.


Agencies with large Unrestricted Funds may not be considered for a grant.


Agencies which are heavily funded with large budgets, where our relatively small grant would have little or no effect on their services, may not be considered for a grant.


Agencies must submit financial statements with a CPA certificate or a review letter with their application.  If their year end is June 30th or prior, an in-house draft Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement up to October 31st of the current year must be submitted.


Agencies which are obviously poorly run and show little chance of improvement will not be considered for a grant.


A copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) exemption is mandatory.


Agencies with little or no presence in South Sarasota County may not be considered for a grant.


Agencies which were awarded a grant in the previous year must show proof, with receipts, of the expenditure of the funds awarded or will not be considered for a grant.  These receipts or a letter of confirmation explaining how the funds were expended must have been received by December 31st  of the previous year.  This information will be verified by a Committee member.





The Plantation Community Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to assisting those activities which will benefit citizens of South Sarasota County. Your eligibility will be determined by the Grant Review Committee.


All application submissions are required to follow the outline presented on the application form in the sequence presented.  No applications will be accepted by email.  Two hard copies of both the application form and the supporting information must be submitted to:


Grants Review Committee Chairperson

Plantation Community Foundation, Inc.

500 Rockley Boulevard

Venice, FL  34293


Your application must be submitted by November 30th.


Each qualified applicant will be visited by a member of the Grants Review Committee during which time you may present any further information considered to be significant to a decision.


Impact Grant


      The PCF was able to award 2 Community Impact Grants in 2019.

      $26,000 was awarded to InStride Therapy to start a new therapeutic program for veterans suffering from PTSD and related conditions.     

     $48,000 was awarded to the Senior Friendship Center in Venice to fully upgrade two of their client lavatories.   

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