Treasurer's Report - December 31, 2016


The financial condition of the Foundation remains strong. A complete financial report is available in the Foundation office.


Balance Sheet as of December 31,                                    2016                 2015



  Cash & Accounts Receivable                                          $104,223            $   99,127

  Honor/Memorial Fund                                                        8,386                   8,036

  Prepaid Expenses                                                               1,318

  *Endowment Fund                                                          612,797            __594,189

  Total Assets                                                        $726,724           $701,352




  Payroll Taxes Payable                                          $    1,892            $     1,598

  Deferred Revenue                                                 50,852                   24,410 

  Total Liabilities                                                                52,744                   26,008 



  Balance Beginning of Year                                              675,344               742,816

  Grants Distributed                                                         (139,135)            (110,584)

  Net Income for the year ended December 31,                  137,771                43,112 

  Total Capital                                                                  673,980             675,344 

  Total Capital and Liabilities                                        $726,724           $701,352 



             Summary of Operations

     Twelve Months Ended December 31,                            2016                  2015


Gross Fund-Raising Revenues                                         $193,196             $201,327

  Less Direct Costs of Events                                                90,558             __98,756 

  Net Fund Raising Income                                                102,608              102,571

Other Revenues and Contributions

  Membership Contributions                                                 64,062                32,535

  Endowment Contributions                                                      275                     175

  Honor/Memorial Fund Donations                                         7,180                  8,305

  Endowment Fund Gains (Losses)                                        34,832               (28,479)

  Interest and Dividends                                                        7,974                  7,426

  Total Net Revenues                                                       216,931             122,533 



  Salaries, Benefits & Services                                             64,591                 66,082

  Supplies, Printing and Mailings                                            9,064                  8,669

  Office Rent to PG&CC                                                         1,200                  1,200

  Insurance, Licenses & Permits                                             4,305                  3,470

  Total Expenditures                                                     79,160                  79,421


NET INCOME                                                                  $137,771          $ 43,112


   *Endowment Fund Summary

    Fund Balance - Beginning of Year                                  $594,189           $615,074

    Contributions                                                                       100                   175

    Net Investment Income                                                      7,968                7,419

    Grants                                                                            (24,292)

    Net Realized & Unrealized Gains (Losses)                          34,832             (28,479)

    Fund Balance End of Year                                      $612,797        $594,189 



Impact Grant


     The 2018 Impact Grant was awarded to Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County.  President Bob Hayden and the Impact Grant Committee presented the grant check to Joe Pokorney, LVSSC President, and Claudia Daniels, grant writer and Board Member.   

     The award of $19,271, will be used to fund a Study-Lab Program located in the Family Services Center, North Port, FL.  This location brings together a variety of social service agencies that provide assistance to those who need it.

     A dedicated study-lab will provide a safe and welcoming space for students to meet with tutors, utilize computer equipment, and attend classes.  The number of students has increased 73% from 2010 to 2017.  LVSSC has helped 343 students from 48 different countries in 2016/2017.


The 2017 Impact Grant awarded to Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County is presented to Aimee Holmes, Chief Develpment Officer.   

The Foundation has generously partnered with Habitat to lauch a new home revitalization program, A Brush with Kindness. The award of $16,000, along with paint donated by Sherwin Williams, will be used to paint one home per month for a qualified homeowner.  This is a one-year program that will benefit income-qualified homewoners in need. It is Habitat's intent to help South Sarasota's most vulnerable population revitalize their homes with pride and dignity. 


The Englewood Community Care Clinic, Inc. dedicated the beginning of its compact new laboratory to the Plantation Community Foundation.  Members of the Foundation's Impact Grant Committee, Foundation Board Members, Clinic volunteers and the Executive Director attended a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The Clinic plans to add equipment to its lab with the remaining $12,000 in funds from the grant.

Members of Plantation Community Foundation celebrate, with volunteers and the Executive Director of the Englewood Community Care Clinic, Inc., the Community "Impact Grant" which is funding a complete new laboratory.



Plantation Community Foundation's partnership with Gulf Coast Community Foundation provided funding for two new STEMsmart (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classrooms in Venice Middle School.

STEMsmart Classroom Dedication

Our Foundation Board at the opening of the first Foundation-supported STEMsmart classroom at Venice Middle School.

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